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Investment Freedom

grocery store shelvesClients of LT Trust can select from over 24,000 mutual funds and 1000 ETFs to find the right mix of funds for your plan to give participants the best chance for retirement success.  LT Trust has no proprietary funds and no product requirements, giving you the freedom of choice.

Due to arrangements with fund companies by LT Trust and our mutual fund platform provider, the universe of funds includes institutional share classes available with no minimums and funds not available to the general public, such as Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) funds.

In addition to all of the mutual funds and ETFs available, LT Trust also offers plans the flexibility to add managed models, self-directed brokerage accounts, a third-party bank deposit account currently paying 0.30%, and alternative assets.

LT Trust also has transparent fees that don’t change, regardless of which funds are selected.  This allows you to easily see what you’re paying, and maintains your ability to choose the funds best for your plan. LT Trust rebates revenue-sharing and shareholder service fees from fund companies back to your plan so they can be used to offset plan expenses.

All of this adds up to freedom of choice for your plan and participants.  More choices give you the tools to create the best plan possible.


LT Trust’s platform will provide you with access to over 1,000 ETFs. ETFs were meant to be a transparent, tax-efficient alternative to mutual funds, and typically they have low expense ratios. Like mutual funds, they hold a basket of securities, though they do incur trading fees.

Alternative Assets

On our open architecture platform, you have the ability to hold a variety of alternative investments, including, but not limited to, hedge funds, limited partnerships, LLCs, private stock or debt, real property, and promissory notes. Due to the riskier nature of many of these investments, they’re often available only to investors who meet net worth and income requirements.

Vanguard / DFA

LT Trust is committed to keeping your investment costs low and this promise includes access to over 70 DFA funds and over 200 Vanguard mutual funds and 50 ETFs.

Vanguard is well known for offering low-cost index funds. The equity shares of Vanguard are owned by its mutual funds and ETFs. Therefore, if you own Vanguard fund shares, you are part owner of their firm.

Another low-cost institutional investment manager is DFA. DFA employs a long-term quantitative strategy that strives to keep investment costs low and provide small excess returns over standard benchmarks.