401(k) Advising Made Simple

As an advisor, you specialize in building relationships and monitoring plan fund lineups. We specialize in the back office tasks to make sure your plans operate smoothly.


Together, we can offer your plan sponsors a comprehensive 401(k) solution at an extremely competitive price.  At LT Trust, we are committed to your success.

More Time to Advise

Advising clients on 401(k)s is what you do best, and with LT Trust handling your 401(k) recordkeeping and administration tasks, you can focus all of your energy on doing just that. When you don’t spend your time on back-office duties, your every minute becomes more efficient, and thus, more valuable to your clients.

Lower 401(k) Fees

As fees grow, retirement savings shrink.  LT Trust offers an open architecture platform and applies any revenue sharing to offset plan expenses. This, as well as extremely competitive fees, makes our services one of the best values in the industry.

True Open Architecture 401(k)s

LT Trust is a true open architecture 401(k) platform, which means you can construct a high-quality investment lineup using mutual funds and ETFs from any fund family without any impact on fees – so you can recommend what’s truly best for your clients.

Powerful Fund Reporting

You’ll gain access to cutting-edge technology that delivers detailed statistical analysis of fund performance, risk measurement, and underlying holdings – at no additional cost.

LT Trust Includes:

401(k) Creation for Small Businesses

We offer guided 401(k) setup for small business and startup clients that don’t yet have a retirement plan.

Conversion of Plans for Existing 401(k)s

Converting an existing 401(k) plan to LT Trust is easy with our dedicated Conversion Team.

Dedicated Client Success Team

Help is just a phone call or email away with our dedicated team of experts.

Clear, In-Depth Reporting

Our powerful quarterly  and on-demand fund reports give you complete transparency into what’s happening with your 401(k).

Annual Compliance Testing

Not an expert in retirement plan regulation? LT Trust’s Compliance Team performs all necessary testing for your plan.

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