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  • Bob Beriault
    Bob Beriault Chairman & CEO

Our Chairman and CEO, Bob Beriault, founded LT Trust with a vision of transforming the self-directed retirement industry by offering exceptional products and services along with outstanding customer service.

Bob’s experience in the trust industry dates back to 1986 when he joined LT Trust Company as President and CEO. LT Trust had a rich heritage dating back to 1957. Bob led that company to become the largest privately-held alternative asset custodian in the nation, before selling to Fiserv, Inc. in 1995. LT Trust subsequently merged with two other leading independent trust companies to become Fiserv ISS in 2004.

Fiserv Inc. later decided to divest its trust business as part of a corporate restructuring. Bob founded LT Trust in 2009 and purchased approximately $10 billion in custodian accounts from Fiserv to start the company. In 2012, LT Trust sold its self-directed IRA business to Pensco Trust and made a strategic decision to focus its resources to grow its 401(k) business. Over the course of the next year, LT Trust demonstrated its commitment to the business through its acquisitions of Fringe Benefit Administrators, Independent Pension Consultants, and an asset purchase of Benefit Solutions Corporation.

Bob believes that the foundation of a successful company is through leadership that sets the standard for accountability to clients and partners and defines clear expectations and rewards for employees. At LT Trust, Bob and his executive staff have extensive experience in the trust industry and empowering employees to do what is needed in the spirit of client care.

Executive Team

  • Burke Johnson
    Burke Johnson EVP and Chief Operating Officer
  • Kathi Smith
    Kathi Smith Senior Vice President of Operations
  • John Difini
    John Difini Vice President of Technology
  • John Colvard
    John Colvard Vice President of Client Services
  • Kim Lakota
    Kim Lakota Vice President of Accounting
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