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Our partners have helped us become an all-in-one 401(k) solution.

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Our Partnerships


Fingage is our managed accounts 401(k) solution partner. Together with Fingage, we offer an outcome-based investment strategy tailored to each individual – at no extra cost to the employer.


The LT Trust-Fingage solution can positively impact your expected rate of return, deliver a personalized 401(k) portfolio, and offer in-depth insight into fund performance.

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Payroll Integrations

Through Payroll Integrations, we can securely connect your payroll platform with LT Trust, creating a seamless contribution process for employers.


Our partnership with Payroll Integrations allows us to automate 401(k) contribution processing, taking an extra task off of your calendar every pay period. What’s even better? You only have to set up Payroll Integrations once, and every pay period after, your payroll will be automatically uploaded to LT Trust.

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TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is our self-directed brokerage account platform partner.


Our partnership with TD Ameritrade allows us to offer a wide assortment of investment opportunities and a broad range of individual stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Through TD Ameritrade, our clients also gain access to  independent research and educational materials to ensure that they are making informed decisions about their investment choices.

Broadridge Matrix

Broadridge Matrix acts as LT Trust’s sub-custodian, offering mutual fund trading platform solutions and cashiering services.


Matrix is backed by a state-of-the-art trust accounting system, ensuring secure transactions and seamless information distribution.

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For more information on working with our partners, Fingage, Payroll Integrations, TD Ameritrade, and Broadridge Matrix, please contact us:

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