Why Choose LT Trust
for Your 401(k) Plans?

Our technology-backed-by-people business model has made
LT Trust one of the fastest-growing 401(k) recordkeepers on the market.

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The Low-Cost, Open Architecture 401(k) Recordkeeper

As one of the fastest growing retirement plan recordkeepers in the country, we’re proud to administer more than 4,600 plans and over $3.8 billion in assets. This growth continues to be fueled by both loyal legacy advisors, as well as new advisors that historically placed plans only with insurance companies or payroll providers.

How can you serve your 401(k) clients better with LT Trust?

Lower Cost

As fees grow, retirement savings shrink. One of the greatest services you can provide your 401(k) clients is ensuring they’re paying the lowest fees possible. LT Trust offers an open architecture platform and applies any revenue sharing to offset plan expenses. This, as well as extremely competitive fees, makes our services one of the best values in the industry – a value that you can share with your clients.

More Time to Advise

Advising clients on 401(k)s is what you do best, and with LT Trust handling your recordkeeping and administration tasks, you can focus all of your attention on doing just that.

True Open Architecture 401(k)s

We don’t have any proprietary products, which means you can construct a high-quality investment lineup using mutual funds and ETFs from any fund family. You aren’t tied down to any investment, meaning you can truly recommend what’s best for your clients.

Powerful, Transparent Reporting

 With LT Trust, you’ll gain access to cutting-edge technology that delivers detailed statistical analysis of fund performance, risk measurement, and underlying holdings – at no additional cost to you or your clients.  LT Trust also offers an abundance of on-demand reporting to give you real-time access to your plans’ data, so you and your clients will never be in the dark.

Preservation of Principal in a Volatile Market

Volatile markets are causing worry and stress. With access to an FDIC-Insured Deposit Account, with a higher-than-average APY, you can offer your clients preservation of principal in this time of market volatility.

Personalized Portfolios with Managed Models

Having the ability to create custom portfolios is essential for any 401(k) advisor. With LT Trust’s managed models, you can pick from a universe of thousands of mutual funds and ETFs to build your clients’ ideal retirement plan.  And best of all, you aren’t limited constructing a model strictly from the core fund lineup; you can incorporate specialty funds that typically aren’t suitable for a fund lineup with peace of mind, knowing a participant cannot invest their entire balance into that investment option.

What does LT Trust provide for 401(k) Advisors?

  • Customized enrollment materials
  • Electronic statements and confirmations
  • Online loans and distributions
  • Participant call center
  • Automatic salary deferral increases
  • Third-party self-directed brokerage account administrative support
  • 1099-R reporting
  • Retirement calculator
  • Gap analysis statements
  • Open architecture platform with access to nearly 25,000 funds and ETFS
  • Low-Cost 401(k)s
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