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LT Trust's low-fee, open architecture 401(k)
platform is one of the best values in the industry.

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When We Say Low Cost 401(k)s for All, We Mean It.

Here at LT Trust, we aim to make saving for retirement as affordable as possible. That’s why we are evangelists of low-cost 401(k)s. The less you pay in fees, the more you can save in your retirement account.

While our fees are among the lowest in the marketplace, LT Trust does not receive or retain revenue sharing from mutual funds. We make sure that all of the fees charged are fully transparent to employers and employees.


At LT Trust, we offer a top-of-the-line 401(k) product at an extremely low cost. We can maintain this low cost by offering the largest number of mutual funds, index funds, and ETFs, staying on the cutting-edge of technology, and leveraging our team’s 17+ years average experience in the 401(k) field.

No Hidden “Wrap” Fees

Insurance companies may include a “wrap” fee in addition to the underlying mutual fund expense. With LT Trust, any and all fees are listed up-front, in the most transparent way possible.

Transparent Employer & Employee Statements

Sometimes, fees aren’t listed on statements, misleading employers and employees to believe they’re paying less than they are. LT Trust’s reporting lists all fees up front, so there’s never any confusion.

Our Low-Cost 401(k)s are All-Encompassing

LT Trust never retains or receives revenue sharing from mutual funds, and the fees we charge up-front are all-inclusive. That means they cover everything from the cost of the investment to our superior customer service.

True Open Architecture Keeps Fees Low

LT Trust provides access to more than 25,000 mutual funds and ETFs. Our true open architecture 401(k) platform lets you pick the funds you want with no impact on fees.

How Does Your Total All-In Cost Compare to These Industry Averages?

0 %
Less Than $1 Million in Plan Assets
0 %
$1-$10 Million in Plan Assets
0 %
$10-$50 Million in Plan Assets

(Brightscope, The BrightScope/ICI Defined Contribution Plan Profile:
A Close Look at 401(k) Plans, 2015, MARCH 2018)

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